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The Challenge

To increase video streams from 24m to 40m per month. Initial exploration highlighted a number of potential avenues to increase streams, including but not limited to a video section redesign, player optimisation, site and network level video module integration. Increased use of video-based ad placements e.g. Unruly was another avenue of investigation.


After user testing and optimising the network video player, the next task was to audit the current video section and uncover why traffic was so low. Analytics were minimal, therefore I conducted a thorough content audit, IA investigation and program of competitor analysis. In terms of metadata, our inventory was inconsistent which resulted in poor discovery of content. With this in mind my approach was to better understand the limitations of the metadata and present the content in the most optimal way.

In addition to the structure of the site, it was necessary to conduct a personality workshop in order to explore how to leverage our content and position ourselves appropriately in the market. We didn’t have the same level of inventory as Netflix, so what exactly was the best way to relaunch to the public?

The Vision

The content audit and personality workshop revealed that majority of our content was documentary-based in nature. This provided another unique opportunity to go to market with a unique offering. The focus for this product was to provide quality long-form programming that has a good balance between being entertaining and educational.

Outcomes & Achievements

Before the video hub was launched to market majority of the target was reached through the other video initiatives that I was involved in, therefore the video hub project was postponed until a complete redesign of the wider site was due.

Targets were achieved within two months of a a multi-pronged approach to video including, releasing the improved video player with improved autoplay control, contextual integration throughout the site and manual inclusion of relevant short-form content at an article level.


Once the new hub is released, the long-term objectives for this project are to constantly reassess the user engagement, understand the appetite for a variety of content and to expand the inventory accordingly, perhaps with a reframing/ rebrand of the video hub to reflect this.


News Corp – Mar 2016


UX Design, Design Direction, Stakeholder Management, Digital Strategy, Branding Workshop


Video Hub redesign to increase streams from 24m to 40m by optimising the display of content in a discoverable, integrated, relevant and attractive way.