The Challenge

Tapping into the potential of $4.5k Australians involved in organised sports and physical activity and building on the Fox Sports Pulse product – the Superlocal+ concept was developed and presented over a 3 day period during a News Corp hackathon. The product drew on a newly launched suite of sports products that celebrate the ‘fan’, fantasy gaming and really got to the bottom of those specific needs. The main challenge of the product was the lean approach and tight turnaround which still needed to convey enough to convince senior stakeholders that the concept was valid and worth considerable investment.


Due to the short timeframes involved it was important to start from strong foundations therefore I insisted that we start with refining a Lean Canvas and really honing the idea to ensure we were not spreading efforts too wide.

Branding was covered by extending the SuperFan and SuperCoach brand suite and utilising diverse and inspiring photography to show the breadth of sports interests, from horse riding through to football.

The Vision

Once these fundamental decisions were made the focus was instead of getting interaction flows refined and then translated into higher fidelity screens with which to build a working prototype.

Outcomes & Achievements

Due to the thorough framing of the initial proposition, subsequent validation of the product idea and zesty presentation, the idea was funded with a full development team with a year long commitment to investigating the true potential of the opportunity. A major part of this (aside from the core product) was due to the thorough scoping of numerous advertising opportunities within a local sports context.


Fox Sports, News Corp – May 2016


UX Designer, Creative Direction, iOS App Design, Hackathon, Brand Extension


‘LinkedIn for local grassroots sports’ – A successful hackathon project that proved the concept for a ‘grass roots’ sports app where amateur players, coaches and team administrators can find other like-minded amateur sportspeople and team vacancies in their local area and at an appropriate skills and involvement level.