Pocket Pantry

The Challenge

The problem is that when a person first discovers they have a food allergy there is so much information and emotion to navigate. This project was about ‘problem finding’ the micro-issues that users faces and mapping that landscape to develop a meaningful solution. This quote was the epitome of the sentiment during interviews:

“I want to feel confident about my future & my ability to find safe and tasty foods without investing 10 hours a day.”


A preliminary survey was designed to validate the initial set of problems. This was sent directly to known allergy sufferers and posted through social media channels.

The response was promising and paved the way for a set of more in-depth qualitative interviews gave more in-depth insights into the daily challenges of the suffers. Following this it was possible to design a set of personas and really understand the emotions experienced throughout their respective days.

One of the key insights this uncovered was that the supermarket was a real source of stress and uncertainty and so began work to create a solution to ease this pain.

The Vision

After numerous rounds of journey mapping, IA planning and flows, paper prototypes were created, tested and iterated into higher fidelity executions.

Outcomes & Achievements

In addition to usability testing and validation users were also asked to use the Microsoft Desirability Toolkit to assess the design. The next stage is to refine and create high fidelity designs to test.


So far this project feels viable, it is just imperative to look at the technical feasibility of scanning a product on a shelve and having access to a comprehensive enough database to return a useful response.

Next steps aside from technical validation is to consider branding, marketing and a loose roadmap for complimentary apps.


Personal Project – Aug 2016


The opportunity is to develop an app that helps sufferers locate and check foods that are safe for them in a supermarket environment utilising camera and scanning capabilities within iOS. Additionally there is an appetite to develop another app to support the more long term educational needs surrounding food allergies.