The Challenge

The existing website was the result of the initial startup pioneered in Fishburners start-up incubator. The potential for the development many of their backend systems had moved on considerably and so it was time to reflect the new capabilities on the front-end by designing a more sophisticated search/ filter function to achieve an optimised user experience and a refresh of the look and feel.


An agile approach was adopted with daily stand-ups. The morning would be spent rapidly devising a micro solution to test in the afternoon via guerrilla testing out on the street. The design revisions were made in time for the next day. This was an ideal way of working with the size team that we had as it ensured that there was a constant dialogue.

The Vision

The short-term strategy was to effectively launch the product in the UK and quickly build a customer base to turn a profit on which a longer-term strategy could be built, depending on outcomes and learnings. The long-term global strategy was simply to increase booking competition rates and corner the market for airport taxi bookings.

Outcomes & Achievements

The UK product achieved 100% ROI in less than two months and won numerous start-up awards both in Australia and internationally. With this success the plan was for the progressive roll-out globally as market opportunities are discovered.


The main challenge of this project for the whole team was reconciling the major differences from country to country. Not least from a cultural point of view which effects how users may want to use such a service, but also in terms of the availability of map data, apis, the structure of that data and how to translate it on the fly to meet user needs.


Jayride – Feb 2014


UX Design Lead, Creative Direction, UX Testing, Visual Design, Brand Extension, UI Design


Jayride (based in Fishburners at the time) are a successful startup in Australia and New Zealand looking to extend their service to the UK and beyond. The UK product was created as a test bed for global improvements and to integrate more comprehensive map APIs.