Digital Technology Branding

The Challenge

To create an internal/ external brand that can scale for any digital or technology department within News Corp. The purpose of this new brand was to bring some consistency to communications and to provide all departments with a flexible but strong framework with which to communicate both externally to future employees and generally within the marketplace. The challenge was that this brand system was also to be used internally for communications, events and generally to provide a platform to encourage motivation and inspiration.


The first task for this project was to identify a good cross-section of stakeholders from different business areas that could help shed some light on what the personality of the brand needed to convey. Also to get some insights into the breadth of function this brand needed to accommodate. We organised and facilitated a Personality Workshop which was invaluable in giving some structure to the project.

The Vision

My involvement at this stage in the project was a little sporadic due to other project commitments, however I continued to have a hand in the creative direction and overall commentary on how the output was shaping up. Essentially it was important to create a system that could be used by anyone within the business to communicate a bespoke message, but also to not have to reinvent the typography and layout each time or be tied to a fixed approach.

Outcomes & Achievements

The first official output for this work took the form of a number of presentation decks that could be used for internal communications and the second consisted of two sets of posters.  x12 A2 posters that reflect the values identified in the personality workshop and x5 A0 prints that demonstrate a selection of those values in the form of quotes collected from the teams.

The two sets of large-scale posters were created primarily to launch the brand, but would also be moved around the business and serve as a refreshing reminder of the values we should adopt to strong in what we do as digital professionals and to educate the rest of the business about the values we hold dear when crafting digital products for people to use.


News Corp – Sept 2016


Art Direction, Creative Direction, Stakeholder Management, Print Management, Workshop Faciliation


An internal/ external facing cross-departmental brand that will serve as a flexible branded framework for News Corp to publish communications and events.