About – archived

Originally from London, currently based in Sydney. I hold a Masters degree in Graphic Design, an MBA and I currently lead a team of talented UX Designers within a media setting building cutting edge digital products.


My professional experience solving problems through design spans 15 years and I get to wear many hats to do this: UX Design ‘Doer’, Storyteller, Communications Consultant, Product Strategist & Design Thinking Ambassador.


I have worked in a multitude of environments including – lean startup, corporate, freelance, agency, product, working in lots of different team setups from remote international consulting, strictly agile to co-designing with clients.

The process I follow covers opportunity identification, concept development, user testing plans, testing, interviews, high fidelity design through to team and delivery management.


My philosophy is that a holistic approach to design yields the most efficient and human centred solutions. Of course I seek perfection for the user, but feasibility and moving in a forward momentum is the name of the game. Design is not simply what visually makes us go ‘ahh’ it is also how we identify problems worth solving and how we take non-designers on a journey that reveals an elegant and often unexpected solution.


I have achieved this time and time again through collaborative workshopping techniques with teams as diverse as

wearable tech to commercial sales. Design Thinking is for everybody!


My strength lies in my ability to craft outcomes from unclear situations through analysis and synthesis. Developing a strong design philosophy is key to creating robust design systems that tell a clear story and truly innovate change.